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  • Recording an orchestral film score... via Internet

    Yesterday I did a recording session of one of my film scores. For the first time via internet...

    It was weird not to be there in the studio. But after a while it felt very normal to sit in my studio in Berlin listening to the orchestra playing away in Skopje, Macedonia (It's the Radio Symphony Orchestra). This was made possible by source live, a plug-in that turns the output of a console into a mp4 stream - with ony 2 seconds of delay. And skype which would be used to communcate with the conductor and to see the orchestra in action. Welcome to the 21st century!

    The live-stream sounded very promising! Can't wait for all the 60 GB to download now...

    ...and don't get me wrong: If possible I still prefer to be present at a recording session, music is also about human interaction, I think.