Stadion musik - Årstidskonsert 4 from umea2014 on Vimeo.

'Umeå, Sweden June 2014: StadionMusik' by David Moss and Fred Pommerehn. Music by David Moss, Ali N. Askin, John King and Morgan Ågren.

Great performance of my composition 'snap/shot' (1992) by percussion duo 'Tamperwehr'.

An excerpt of the movie "Die Ratten / The Rats" (1998) for which I composed the music. band at the Zappanale 2013. With: Michael Weilacher (perc.), Falk Breitkreuz (reeds), Eric Schaefer (drums set, electronics and melodika), Christoph Titz (trumpet), Oliver Potratz (basses)

Excerpts of my music theatre piece "

From the Zappa festival in Nov.2010 in London at the Roundouse. LCO performing my arrangement of Frank Zappa's "Dog/Meat"

International trailer of the movie "Life, Above All" for which I composed the score